Who We Are...

The Community Christmas Store of the Roanoke Valley has been serving families in need since 1993! Each year hundreds of volunteers work tirelessly to create a Christmas spectacular, welcoming pre-qualified families to come shop for their families at no cost. The store is set up in a different location each year, based on availability. In 2019, the CCS served 966 people from 429 families during its two days of operation.


Due to COVID-19, we were unable to serve our families in 2020.  This was a very difficult decision.  Our hope is that everyone who needed help was able to find another source.  Now that 2020 is behind us, our volunteers are working hard to be there for our families in 2021.  Please stay tuned for updates!


Thank you to Everyone who supports the CCS

We believe in assisting families in need in a dignified manner during the holiday season. 

Our Mission

The CCS mission is to assist families in need in a dignified manner during the holiday season. The CCS goal is for recipient families to select their Christmas items according to the individual needs and preferences of each family member.


100% Volunteer

Remarkably, the CCS is operated solely by volunteers. There are no paid employees or staff. Approximately 85% of all funds donated to the CCS go directly to the families served. These families are residents of the City of Salem, Roanoke County, the Town of Vinton, and Craig County

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